ZooWizards Bungee

The ZooWizard Bungee is perfect for adding extra excitement to enrichment items. Can be used to increase activity levels and promote strength and endurance during feeding.


Created with an external Dyneema™ fibre sleeve to offer advanced protection to help bungees survive rigerous usage. Dyneema™ fibre sleeves are designed to endure abrasion, extreme pressure and sharp edges.


ZooWizard Bungees are 0.8 meters in length and will stretch to 1.5meters.


Availible in two colours. White as standard and Chocolate Brown for an additional £30.


Metal-rings at both ends for easy attachment.


Theoretical break-load of 2700kgs.


Delivery surcharge applies.

ZooWizards Bungee

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  • ZooWizards Bungees are designed to resist sharp claws and teeth with their Dyneema protection whilst animals are enjoying their enrichment. ZooWizards Bungees should not be installed in a position where constant chewing is possible as the Dyneema sleeve will break much faster. Careful consideration should be taken to select the best position for installation by animal care staff.