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  • How to I contact ZooWizards?
    You can send us a messgae in lots of ways. Either by email, contact form, or through Facebook. We aim to respond to every messgae as soon as we possibly can!
  • Can I add different sized holes to my WizardBalls?
    Of course you can! You can add a note to your order or contact us quoting your order number within 2 days of placing your order.
  • What do the hanging options mean for the ZooWizards Cylinder?
    There are three options for hanging of your ZooWizards Cylinder. 1. None Hanging: There will be no holes to hang your Cylinder with. 2. Landscape Hanging Holes: There will be one 50mm hole at either end of your cylinder so to pass rope/chain through. 3. Portrait Hanging Holes: There will be two 50mm holes at one end of the cylinder for hanging.
  • Do ZooWizards plastics sink?
    All of our plastics have a lower density than that of water so no! Even when full of water, all ZooWizards plastics will continue to float just at the surface of the water. If you want your WizardBalls to sink, simply add some food to weigh them down. Check out this great video example with some adorable otters.
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