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Extra-Large WizardBall

Our Extra-Large WizardBall is the biggest of all our balls a whopping 1 meter in diameter and with a 15mm wall-thickness. You won't find another ball bigger!


Why not add an extra dimension to your enrichment? Add holes to the WizardBall to hang up or hide treats inside.


Standard holes are 25mm in diameter. If you require a different size then let us know with your order.


All plastic ZooWizards Products are guaranteed to float.


Made from LDPE a food-grade plastic, all our products are extremely tough and resistant to UV light.


Available in 5 Stone Effect & 13 Solid Colour Finishes.


Please note this product has a 1 meter diameter and as such will not fit through a regular door frame. Please ensure you can accept delivery and use this product as intended before purchase


Delivery surcharge will apply.

Extra-Large WizardBall

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