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Small Wobble-WizardBall

Our Small Wobble-WizardBall is fantastic enrichment for lots of species, as they are specially moulded to be heavier on one side to provide unpredictable movements. You can also add Jingle-Bells inside your Wobble-WizardBall for more sensory enrichment.


Small Wobble-WizardBalls have a diameter of 400mm and an average 10mm wall-thickness.


All plastic ZooWizards Products are guaranteed to float.


Made from LDPE a food-grade plastic, all our products are extremely tough and resistant to UV light.


Available in 5 Stone Effect & 13 Solid Colour Finishes.

Small Wobble-WizardBall

  • Wobble balls are not suitable for large carnivores or capable of supporting heavy weights due to their potential thinner moulding to create a wobble effect.

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