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ZooWizards Cylinder

The ZooWizards Cylinder is the perfect large destruction toy. At 1.2meters long and with a 10mm wall thickness, the ZooWizards Cylinder can withstand almost anything animals can throw at it. It is just perfect to be wrestled with and thrown around.


Why not add some holes to the ZooWizards Cylinder to add an extra dimension to your enrichment?

     Landscape Hanging Holes: One 50mm hole in the top and the bottom of the cylinder to create a horizontal spinning cylinder.

     Portrait Hanging Holes: Two 50mm holes either side of one end of the cylinder to create a vertical crash tube.

     Standard Feeding Holes: 25mm in diameter and a perfect size for small food items. Holes are placed at random around the length of the cylinder. If you require a different size then let us know with your order.


All plastic ZooWizards Products are guaranteed to float.


Made from LDPE a food-grade plastic, all our products are extremely tough and resistant to UV light.


Available in 5 Stone Effect & 13 Solid Colour Finishes.

ZooWizards Cylinder

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